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The utterly staggering cost to environment (and on energy and water consumption) by Cannabis production (driven by demand just to get high??) is never raised by pro-weed lobby! No true environmentalist would promote pot! 

Check out Integral Ecology Research Centre,    

and Silent Poison

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Adolescent cannabis use is associated with behavioral changes related to reward and motivation in humans. Paradoxically, this use has both been suggested to increase motivation for other drug use (the gateway hypothesis) and a potential "amotivation syndrome" in which individuals are less willing to expend effort to receive a reward.

Growing up high: Neurobiological consequences of adolescent cannabis use 

(May, 2019)

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Campaigners say medicinal cannabis being used as ‘Trojan horse’ towards legalisation. Ireland is “sleepwalking” into the legalisation of cannabis on the back of a campaign of misinformation about the drug, according to doctors who have set up a new group to campaign against liberalisation.

The initial 20 members of the Cannabis Risk Alliance include the head of the College of Psychiatrists, Dr John Hillery, and former president of the Irish Medical Organisation Dr Ray Walley.

Criticising the “one-sided debate” on cannabis, the doctors say society has “taken its eye off the ball” in relation to the harmful effects of the drug.

In their practice, they say they are treating ever-growing numbers of patients suffering a range of side effects from abusing the drug.

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The rationale for legalization varies, from achieving “social justice” (even though racial disparities in arrests persist in legalized states like Colorado or Washington) to more blatant appeals to greed. The global legal market has been estimated at $9.5 billion for 2017, with investor testimonials projecting future markets at values between $300 and $500 billion in a few short years.

But not all signs are rosy. The evidence to date—such as the consequences in states like Colorado where legalized regimes have operated long enough to generate reliable data—is that the progress of legalization across the states is less like a victorious procession and more like a nip-and-tuck race between salesmanship and disaster.

Advocates feel the need to proselytize in new states, and do it quickly, in order to keep ahead of the growing damage in already legalized states. From the perspective of broken promises, the legalization movement represents not so much the arc of history as a classic Ponzi scheme.

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Former ‘Budtender’ from the Marijuana Industry Speaks Out about the Harms and Shocking Deception – But Officials Aren’t Listening: WHY?

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Frequently Asked Questions of Why We Are Opposed to Weed!

Get ya head straight!

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Marijuana Victims' Association
Windsor Morning

Busting the Myth
that Cannabis Doesn't Kill

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Dr Kevin Sabet, C.E.O of Smart Approaches to Marijuana: Presents at the 20th NADCP Annual Conference

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The Marijuana-Opioid Connection

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