Let’s be clear, everybody, and we do mean every single person on the plant, starts out life as a kind of ‘wheelbarrow’. Now wheelbarrows are empty and powerless vessels that are filled by someone else and pushed by someone else. This is not a bad thing, it’s a design factor. Humans, like no other creature, are created with very little ‘pre-loaded’ stuff – What we do have is an incredible faculty and capacity to learn and learn big!  

However, as this is done over a long period of time and only done in connection, in relationship, to other human-beings, how you develop and grow heavily depends on who or what is filling you and pushing you and why. 

Up until you hit puberty, you’re set up to learn by that input and instruction. Once you hit puberty, your learning, your input and what you let direct you begins to be determined more by you…. Ah, but how you were prepared (or not) for that stage is a huge factor in you making smarter, wiser, safer, and sound developmental choices. So, the question is, who or what is influencing you and is it the best? (Click here for more)

At one point my mothers drug problem got so bad my stepdad gave up, I have no idea when that moment was but he had been worn down. I think our whole family had just come to accept it. At 15 I was drinking three times a week and smoking marijuana every other night at home. I was never discouraged to do this, and I believe the reason was because it was normalised in a weird sick way. Around this time was when my parents drug use was stepped up a notch. My mother had somehow decided it was time to start experimenting with speed and ice. I’ve aggressively been against ice fairly vocally for years and up until now with basically no explanation (other then the stuff is disgusting) but I can say first hand the drug rapes and pillages peoples lives. My parents started to do ice and speed around the time I was 16 and within three years we had lost our family home, my step father passed away & my mother was so mentally ill that still to this day she hasn’t recovered from it. And that’s not to mention the mental turmoil the rest of my family have experienced from everything that came with it. That’s the part people forget to talk about with addiction; the families it affects and tears apart. Being a drug user or an addict doesn’t just destroy your life, it destroys everyone who is around you. Drug addiction is a team sport, it’s not just about you its about every person who cares about you.

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