Let’s be clear, everybody, and we do mean every single person on the plant, starts out life as a kind of ‘wheelbarrow’. Now wheelbarrows are empty and powerless vessels that are filled by someone else and pushed by someone else. This is not a bad thing, it’s a design factor. Humans, like no other creature, are created with very little ‘pre-loaded’ stuff – What we do have is an incredible faculty and capacity to learn and learn big!  

However, as this is done over a long period of time and only done in connection, in relationship, to other human-beings, how you develop and grow heavily depends on who or what is filling you and pushing you and why. 

Up until you hit puberty, you’re set up to learn by that input and instruction. Once you hit puberty, your learning, your input and what you let direct you begins to be determined more by you…. Ah, but how you were prepared (or not) for that stage is a huge factor in you making smarter, wiser, safer, and sound developmental choices. So, the question is, who or what is influencing you and is it the best? (Click here for more)

The length of stay in intensive care varies greatly, from a few days up to a month. When taken home, for several months these babies may still experience signs of withdrawal.

This baby had tense and clenched muscles. She could not organise a suck pattern to feed effectively and required a feeding tube, and she would tremor and jerk so much she rubbed her chin raw on her blankets.

The nurses would take turns swaying and rocking with her for hours. This baby was medicated with morphine and gas drops, and was tried on multiple different formulas to help try to soothe her and settle her reflux.

Often it is the case that mothers with drug dependence really want to get off drugs and care for their baby. They love their children, but the truth is that their addiction has a strong hold on them. (for complete article https://newsweekly.com.au/newsweekly/addictions-littlest-victims/)

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