What If My Child Isn’t Motivated to Get Treatment for Addiction?

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Suggesting Treatment to a Loved One

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Intervention – a Starting Point 

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Drug Use, Stigma, and the Proactive Contagions to Reduce Both 

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“Meth can be one of the toughest addictions to treat, but research shows that people who use meth are more likely to stick with treatment programs when they receive rewards for staying drug-free. It’s a method called “contingency management…”

In study after study, contingency management has resulted in a 40% to 50% rate of abstinence in meth users, according to Dr. Todd Korthuis, the head of addiction medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. Results like that are “off the charts” for any therapeutic intervention, he told The Lund Report, “but especially for methamphetamine use.”

And it’s cost-effective, supporters say. The Washington State Institute for Public Policy found that for a single patient receiving a total of $600 in incentives, there’s a taxpayer benefit of more than $3,000 and overall net economic benefit of more than $23,000.”

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(Dalgarno Institute Comments: What are the pitfalls of this potential ‘reward for addiction’ model? Is there a ‘sunset clause’ on this process? If so, what mechanisms are used in tandem with this process to ensure abstinence is maintained? Is behaviour modification through displacement therapy (not ‘payment’ therapy) still applicable? Are other addiction management tools like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy still involved?)


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