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Dear Me…The Andrew Chan Story (DVD $20 includes P&H)

Coproduced by the Dalgarno Institute, this short, but powerful documentary is a must for educators who want to look beyond the current events and hear a message of real insight from an individual who has been through it all.  Available by ordering at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 1300 975 002


The Cannabis Conundrum continues


Smoking cigarettes is reeeeally bad for you… But smoking dope is ok? Really? Are we that stupid?

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How’s Dope Legalisation Going in USA? See attached S.A.M Report

Monitoring Health Concerns  Related to Marijuana in Colarodo (attached)

Denver 8th grade student's marijuana user rate is 350% higher than the national average for youth the same age. (Jan 22, 2015)


Where do the students get their marijuana? 38% reported they got from a friend who obtains it legally, 23% reported from their parents, 22% from the black market, 9% from medical marijuana dispensaries, 4% from medical marijuana cardholders, 3% from retail marijuana stores.


60% of high school seniors say marijuana is not harmful. More than 6% of high school seniors reported smoking marijuana on a daily basis. A third of high school seniors got their marijuana supply from a third party's prescription. In Colorado there was a 26% increase in youth (12 - 17) monthly marijuana use in the three years after medical marijuana was commercialized (2009).

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‘Vaping’ unsafe option – see attached Article


Cannabis and Violence


Cannabis & Psychosis – 90 second clip

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‘Medical’ Marijuana Hoax


What's the Difference between Medical Marijuana and Marijuana-Based Medicines?


As the chart shows, the average strength of weed seized by federal authorities has steadily risen over time. Retail outlets in Denver and elsewhere advertise strains that contain 25 percent THC or more. As legalization opponents are forever fond of saying, this isn't your daddy's weed.





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