Wow! This is a real tradegy! After 11 years off the 'junk' DJ AM, Adam Goldstien, dies at his own hand! They found up to 6 tablets in his gut and one in his throat - most of them were prescription drugs for pain and anxiety, but there was Cocaine and an accompanying cutting agent called levamisole.

As you saw in the above clip from the just released MTV Doco 'Gone to far', Goldstein was serious about helping people get off the junk, having been clean himself 11 years! He'd been free of it for so long, so what happened? Well without being in the guys head, we can gather from recent events what sparked this relapse. DJ AM and Travis Barker of Blink 182 were survivors of a Learjet crash about a year ago in which 4 others died. The escape was miraculous, but not without damage, both Barker and he were burned. Goldstein's injuries required skin grafts and of course recovery required pain management.... now this is where things go 'belly up'

Having been a heavy user of various substances and booze in the past, Goldstein had to wrestle with addiction. He won! This was great news, but whether he wanted it to be so or not, it left him vulnerable - and it would appear permanently so! In short the legitimate pharmaceutical drug regime simply used to help him manage his recovery, both physical and emotional - triggered the 'addiction' button, and he relapsed.

People have asked how could this have been avoided and a number of, albeit too late, suggestions are brought to the table, however what is conspicious by it's absence is the strong, clear and loud message that ... "If DJ AM had never taken up booze or other drugs, he would never have got addicted and the legitmate treatment he needed to heal wouldn't have meant his death.

Now, there are some detractors who can't even listen to that without banging on about people like us being heartless naysayers or being insensitive to his struggle and yaddayadda! Yet this was the very thing Goldstein himself was trying to do by doing the 'interventions' on kids.... he knew this was not only destructive but almost certain suicide.

I don't know if DJ AM ever put it down in written or recorded form, but I would bet my house (I'm not a betting man) that he wished he'd never ever took his first pill or first drink. Now when he took that first one and it gave him the rush he hoped for, he was only thinking 'good times' not future times. If the first experienced bummed him out, he may have walked away... but one thing is for absolute certain - take it to the bank - if he never ever started, he'd be alive today!

Are we really that pushed around by peer pressure and pop-culture that we can't see there is no up side to this crap? Put it down! Walk away! Help your friends do likewise!

Research finds many women need alcohol to enjoy sex

From: Herald Sun September 24, 2009

D.J. AM brought out the 'Gun' just one more time...

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