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What's going on? Who said?

Ryan Dunn Dead! Jackass icon who 'traded' on his binge booze image has now paid the ultimate price! Will we 'lift a glass' to this insanity? What's not only sad, but tragic is that some already are! The younger they are the bigger the bottle of 'Beam'! No doubt some monkey will eventually spew out the ridiculous adage that... 'He died doing what he loved!" If that was in a flaming ball of twisted metal, then they'd very much mistaken... But if they meant dying while drinking himself stupid, then driving at dangerous speeds whilst endeavouring to keep his 'rep' as a a genuine 'Jackass' then, yep, I suppose he did! But who wins in this? The passanger on this suicide ride isn't a winner? Ryan's brother and family aren't winners. Johnny, Steve, Bam, Wee Man and the Jackass fraternity aren't winners. Nor, sadly will the any of the under 21's who've bought into this culture of annihilation. Let's use this time to check out of, not into the binge culture

Liquid Handcuffs – “Till Death us do Part”

Stories have been published of how in certain African republics in recent years, prisoners condemned to die would be placed in chains which would be welded on to wrists and ankles permanently.  After death by hanging the shackles were released when the hands and feet were chopped off, and they could then be re-welded onto the next condemned man.  The wounds and burns inflicted were all thought to be fair for those who had forfeited their rights to a normal existence.

Methadone is frequently referred to as the gold standard for the treatment of heroin and opiate addiction.  When one attends Addiction conferences the crowds almost go wild when they are told they “succeeded” in “maintaining” their patient on the wonder drug until he entered a nursing home or died.  Some find this hard to interpret as success since this can happen in patients’ fifties.  Since the treatment is aimed at maintenance, program maintenance for 20-30 years is seen as extreme success.  Patients are set free from their “daily dose” at death.  Across the world methadone is known in street  parlance as “liquid handcuffs.”  Guess why?

The parallels with certain forms of primitive and penal punishments - doubtless rightly decried in more civilized lands by the more libertarian minded - seem striking and stunning….

Professor. Dr. Stuart Reece.

More booze, more teen sex, no increase in safe sex practices

"Rates of alcohol consumption among secondary students have increased markedly, as has the proportion of young people engaging in sex while under the influence of alcohol and drugs…Although consistent condom use remains moderately high, it is of some concern that condom use has not increased since 1997 despite related increases in sexual activity ... and increased rates of sexually transmitted infections." Paul Agius, from Melbourne's La Trobe University.

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