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  • Veterans with cannabis use and disorder had higher odds of psychiatric morbidities
  • These veterans were also more likely to report suicidal ideation and attempt
  • In line with these findings, they endorsed greater mental health service utilization
  • Even so, <40% of veterans with cannabis use disorder reported mental health care
  • Outreach and education about treatment are needed to mitigate cannabis-related harm


Background: Cannabis use is associated with psychiatric illness and suicidality, which are prevalent among U.S. military veterans. However, the psychiatric burden of cannabis use and cannabis use disorder (CUD) among veterans is unclear. Using data from a nationally representative sample of veterans, we evaluated associations of lifetime cannabis use and CUD with psychiatric problems, suicidality, and treatment utilization.

Conclusions: Cannabis use and CUD are associated with substantial psychiatric and suicide-related burden among veterans, highlighting the need for screening, education, and treatment to mitigate potential cannabis-related harm.

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September 2020




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