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In Australia, four friends launched the non-alcoholic beer company “Heaps Normal” amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They have already raised $1.3 million from investors, including prominent start-up founders and are looking to grow their business further.

The friends decided to launch the company as they realized all of them want to reduce their alcohol use – for vastly different reasons. This led to the name of the company representing the many people who want to choose alcohol-free for numerous reasons. They also hope to change the harmful alcohol norm in Australia with a product which relates to Australians.

The four of us have experienced that Australia has a bit of a [alcohol] problem… We felt to have that impact on [alcohol] culture, we have to be able to relate to people and people’s different individual choices,” said Andy Miller, co-founder and chief executive of Heaps Normal, as per the Sydney Morning Herald.

Andy Miller, co-founder and chief executive, Heaps Normal

Alcohol-free beer is one of the fastest growing beverage markets in Australia. Many major beer brands have launched their own alcohol-free versions to align with the growing alcohol-free trend. These include Carlton Zero from beer giant Carlton & United Breweries, Heineken 0.0 sold by Lion and craft beer brands Sobah, UpFlow and NORT Refreshing Ale.

Movendi Alcohol News November 16th 2020



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