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"I'm no wheelbarrow!" You know, everyone says that and the louder they shout the more predictable they become and eventually the easier they are to 'set up'! You see, wheelbarrows are powerless and empty objects that are filled with 'whatever' and go wherever the 'pusher' wants it to go!

Our first world market driven, consumer culture sets us up with three primary values. These suck us into a place where we believe the following values are so important. Now we may not write them down and rehearse them, but they are powerfully reinforced in culture and if left unchecked, they end up 'bumping' other values aside, values like courage, honesty, compassion and service.

These new 'values' are...a) Is it fun? b) Is it comfortable? c) Will it make "ME"'happy'?

If a couple of these three 'biggies' aren't on the table, or at least looked at, then we tend to walk away! But what are we walking away from? And ultimately where are we gunna end up? "Who cares" may be the 'try hard' reply... well, YOU DO! Unless you're so dysfunctional and messed up of course!

ICE wasn’t Andy’s first drug – no that was alcohol. He started bingeing at only 14. After using cannabis and some heroin, and then stopping for a season, Andy commenced ICE use after the death of his mother – it motivated him to get out of bed…but sadly much more than that followed.

Andy candidly, but unemotionally shares his concerns about the poor use of drug policy and the utter madness of ‘ICE Smoking Rooms’. Check out the full interview here…

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I am Lyla P,

Optimistic, courageous, influential, and understanding 

Admirer of those who communicate effectively and express their views calmly 

Who fears for one who doesn’t assess their circumstances properly and responds in a way that causes dangerous consequences 

Who needs positive peer pressure, so I can clearly evaluate the right decisions to make that will maintain a stellar reputation 

Who tries to avoid situations when my “friends” pressure me to make immature decisions and harm my body 

Who wants to be a confident upstander for my friends when they’re in unsafe situations 

Who hates those who anonymously bully innocent people through the internet and don’t get caught 

Who knows that there are great humans in the world that will stand up for those who get bullied in the shadows everyday 

Who hears the juvenile behavior from behind the middle school walls that are promoting underage drinking and other unhealthy habits 

Who sees strong individuals fighting for change and helping those people rehabilitate 

Who worries for vulnerable people who are preyed upon by negative pressure, and end up becoming addicted to tobacco, which harms themselves and others around them 

Who wishes that one day the government will make a law to outlaw smoking 

Who feels sorrow for all the innocent lives lost to D.U.Is each year  

Who would like to see more preventative and proactive programs that will help recuperate from alcohol overdose for all people  

Who pretends the opioid crisis is just magically going to  end one day  

Who will aid and give comfort to people struggling with addiction and help them regain careers and friends in society 

Who hopes that my peers and I will continue to make the right decisions which will lead to more open doors and opportunities 

Who finds happiness in achieving my goals and striving to accomplish more such as staying gritty on the soccer field and never giving up 

Who cares for citizens and animals who don’t have a voice in this wide world of ours 

Who strives to be an advocate for the voiceless, the environment, and even myself and my own views 

Who enjoys confidently expressing my opinions to my fellow classmates and peers to try and inspire them to be the best they can be 

Who gives advice to those fighting unseen battles on how to recover and find joy in life again 

Who dreams of a world where there is peace, good fortune, health, and kindness 

Who loves when humankind treats each other as equals and not just how they look on a spread sheet 

Who pledges to be true to myself, my family, and the great community that we share and live in 

Who will do my best to succeed in my adventure next year in middle school 

That’s what DARE taught me 

Lyla P (6th Grade)


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Winnable War on Drugs

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