What If My Child Isn’t Motivated to Get Treatment for Addiction?

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Suggesting Treatment to a Loved One

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Intervention – a Starting Point 

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Drug Use, Stigma, and the Proactive Contagions to Reduce Both 

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Results: Net of controls, offenders in the treatment group took 22 per cent longer to re-offend for a person offence than offenders in the control group. Offenders in the treatment group also had a 17 per cent lower re-offending rate than offenders in the control group.

CONCLUSION: The Drug Court appears to have long term beneficial effects on the total number of reconvictions and the risk of another person offence.

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research –  Crime & Justice Bulletin No 232 (September 2020)



Therapeutic Communities for AOD dependencies


Therapeutic Community – Addiction, there is a way out!


NSW Therapeutic Community – Rescue – Restore – Rebuild


Fresh Start’s approach to helping people with addictions is sometimes known as the PHREE model:


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