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UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION: US based Online Resource helping communities move toward exiting drug use: “Our goal is to make helpful and verifiable information available on substance abuse and addiction rehab and recovery as well as direct you to the best sources of help, including The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”


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TOXIC matters

Hangover? Track Marx?

Hangover! As amusing as the movie of the same name may have attempted to be, anyone who has hit the booze knows hangover’s are never fun...I mean people don’t go out on the grog and say.. “I can’t wait till tomorrow to wake up with a pounding headache, a stomach that won’t stop churning and a fuzzy blurrr that just won’t quit – bring it on!” That never happens, unless one is a masochist, or worse on the edge of giving life completely away!

What about ‘track marks’? I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a user with track know what I'm talking about, the residual damage on the body, the result of over using needles to inject ‘junk’... it aint pretty, but the ‘scary ugly’ goes a lot deeper. You see, as nasty as these 'marks' are, the tracks are a sign (much like a hangover), a sign of a very real and deep problem. Track marks show you a destination and whilst they may not give you the full story, you know one thing for certain this precious inidividual is on the very edge of existence. For this ‘end game’ user it is the glaring indicator of the mess they are in.

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Hey, but what about you? What about ‘us’ as a society, where are our ‘track marks’, can you see our hangover? I’m sure you get the analogy, but for those of us with maybe a few less brain cells or underdeveloped or damaged synaptic pathways, I am really asking, what indicators are there in our lives that things aren’t quite as we reckon they should be.

Well the answer to that at the moment is a ‘no brainer’... we have street violence, suicide, domestic violence, hopelessness, anger, carnage on our roads... man we are in a mess – and that's no hype!

Sure, you may not have the needle marks or you may not be ‘hurling’ right now, but what other ‘marks’ are indicators of deeper issues in our lives? Sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, pain or you think you just don’t count or fit!

When you actually stop, unplug, get quiet and think about it, it doesn't take a lot of smarts to realise we need to take stock and do an inventory of where we are heading, not just as individuals, but more so as a society. We need to make some obvious changes, are you will ing to be part of that? For anyone who actually gives a damn, the answer to that is at least a 'NO brainer!'

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