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Any dose of alcohol combined with cannabis significantly increases levels of THC in blood

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Marijuana and Teens – Facts (NIDA)

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Cannabis use 'shrinks and rewires' the brain

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Boys who smoke cannabis ‘are four inches shorter’

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The highs that bind: school context, social status and marijuana use.

Vogel M1, Rees CE, McCuddy T, Carson DC.
Abstract: Substance use has been closely linked with the structural characteristics of adolescent social networks. Those who drink, smoke, and use drugs typically enjoy an elevated status among their peers. Rates of substance use vary substantially across schools, and indicators of school structure and climate account for at least part of this variation. Emerging research suggests peer-group processes are contingent on school context, but questions remain regarding the school-level mechanisms which condition the influence of network characteristics on substance use. The present study uses multilevel logistic regression models to examine the moderating influence of school connectedness, school drug culture, and global network density on the association between peer network status and marijuana use. The analyses draw on self, peer, and parental data from a sample of 7,548 high-school aged youth nested within 106 schools participating in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (mean age = 15.2; % white = 59 %; male = 45 %). The results indicate that school connectedness significantly reduces the effect of social status on marijuana use. This provides evidence that school-level mechanisms can reduce the instrumentality of marijuana consumption in the status attainment process in adolescence.

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The Other Side of Cannabis

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What’s on ‘ICE’

Drivers playing ice roulette as lives in danger on roads

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There is hope the dark cloud can lift for ice addicts

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Cannabis Conundrum Continues…still

This New Study Is Bad News if You're a Marijuana Supporter (GWPH)
Based on a recently released study in the journal Hippocampus, researchers at Northwestern University announced potentially worrisome findings regarding the heavy use of marijuana as an adolescent on users' long-term memory.

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‘High’ Achievers? Cannabis Access and Academic Performance (PDF)
From the conclusion: In this paper, we have investigated how restricting cannabis access affects student achievements. We find that the performance of students who lose legal access to cannabis improves substantially. Our analysis of underlying channels suggests that the effects are specifically driven by an improvement in numerical skills, which existing literature has found to be particularly impaired by cannabis consumption. This provides perhaps the first clear causal evidence of an important positive effect on short term productivity of restricting legal access to cannabis. Our findings also imply that individuals do change their consumption behavior when the legal status of a drug changes.

Long Term Impacts: Cannabis

(Pharmacist/therapist speaks)Cannabis is good for ‘concentration, memory, task, spirituality, meditation etc’ issues

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