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ICE wasn’t Andy’s first drug – no that was alcohol. He started bingeing at only 14. After using cannabis and some heroin, and then stopping for a season, Andy commenced ICE use after the death of his mother – it motivated him to get out of bed…but sadly much more than that followed.

Andy candidly, but unemotionally shares his concerns about the poor use of drug policy and the utter madness of ‘ICE Smoking Rooms’. Check out the full interview here…

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(No thanks to the manipulative minority of malevolent millionaire marijuana mongers)

By  Deirdre Boyd
“Between a battle lost and a battle won, the distance is immense and there stand empires” – Napoleon

The emperor Napoleon used two key interchangeable battle plans: manoeuvre and attrition. In the first, Napoleon's main force held the enemy's attention to his front, while other forces fell upon one of his flanks. The second poured frontal firepower into those he wished to overthrow in enormous amounts until they appeared to weaken, then great masses of men would be thrown in to smash their way through. Such a battle was costly affair. But it worked until Wellington beat him at Waterloo, in a far-from-guaranteed victory.

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Soooo, is this fun yet?

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Whoops! The elephant in the room is starting to make some real noise!

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What's going on? Who said?

Ryan Dunn Dead! Jackass icon who 'traded' on his binge booze image has now paid the ultimate price! Will we 'lift a glass' to this insanity? What's not only sad, but tragic is that some already are! The younger they are the bigger the bottle of 'Beam'! No doubt some monkey will eventually spew out the ridiculous adage that... 'He died doing what he loved!" If that was in a flaming ball of twisted metal, then they'd very much mistaken... But if they meant dying while drinking himself stupid, then driving at dangerous speeds whilst endeavouring to keep his 'rep' as a a genuine 'Jackass' then, yep, I suppose he did! But who wins in this? The passanger on this suicide ride isn't a winner? Ryan's brother and family aren't winners. Johnny, Steve, Bam, Wee Man and the Jackass fraternity aren't winners. Nor, sadly will the any of the under 21's who've bought into this culture of annihilation. Let's use this time to check out of, not into the binge culture

Liquid Handcuffs – “Till Death us do Part”

Stories have been published of how in certain African republics in recent years, prisoners condemned to die would be placed in chains which would be welded on to wrists and ankles permanently.  After death by hanging the shackles were released when the hands and feet were chopped off, and they could then be re-welded onto the next condemned man.  The wounds and burns inflicted were all thought to be fair for those who had forfeited their rights to a normal existence.

Methadone is frequently referred to as the gold standard for the treatment of heroin and opiate addiction.  When one attends Addiction conferences the crowds almost go wild when they are told they “succeeded” in “maintaining” their patient on the wonder drug until he entered a nursing home or died.  Some find this hard to interpret as success since this can happen in patients’ fifties.  Since the treatment is aimed at maintenance, program maintenance for 20-30 years is seen as extreme success.  Patients are set free from their “daily dose” at death.  Across the world methadone is known in street  parlance as “liquid handcuffs.”  Guess why?

The parallels with certain forms of primitive and penal punishments - doubtless rightly decried in more civilized lands by the more libertarian minded - seem striking and stunning….

Professor. Dr. Stuart Reece.

More booze, more teen sex, no increase in safe sex practices

"Rates of alcohol consumption among secondary students have increased markedly, as has the proportion of young people engaging in sex while under the influence of alcohol and drugs…Although consistent condom use remains moderately high, it is of some concern that condom use has not increased since 1997 despite related increases in sexual activity ... and increased rates of sexually transmitted infections." Paul Agius, from Melbourne's La Trobe University.

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Wow! This is a real tradegy! After 11 years off the 'junk' DJ AM, Adam Goldstien, dies at his own hand! They found up to 6 tablets in his gut and one in his throat - most of them were prescription drugs for pain and anxiety, but there was Cocaine and an accompanying cutting agent called levamisole.

As you saw in the above clip from the just released MTV Doco 'Gone to far', Goldstein was serious about helping people get off the junk, having been clean himself 11 years! He'd been free of it for so long, so what happened? Well without being in the guys head, we can gather from recent events what sparked this relapse. DJ AM and Travis Barker of Blink 182 were survivors of a Learjet crash about a year ago in which 4 others died. The escape was miraculous, but not without damage, both Barker and he were burned. Goldstein's injuries required skin grafts and of course recovery required pain management.... now this is where things go 'belly up'

Having been a heavy user of various substances and booze in the past, Goldstein had to wrestle with addiction. He won! This was great news, but whether he wanted it to be so or not, it left him vulnerable - and it would appear permanently so! In short the legitimate pharmaceutical drug regime simply used to help him manage his recovery, both physical and emotional - triggered the 'addiction' button, and he relapsed.

People have asked how could this have been avoided and a number of, albeit too late, suggestions are brought to the table, however what is conspicious by it's absence is the strong, clear and loud message that ... "If DJ AM had never taken up booze or other drugs, he would never have got addicted and the legitmate treatment he needed to heal wouldn't have meant his death.

Now, there are some detractors who can't even listen to that without banging on about people like us being heartless naysayers or being insensitive to his struggle and yaddayadda! Yet this was the very thing Goldstein himself was trying to do by doing the 'interventions' on kids.... he knew this was not only destructive but almost certain suicide.

I don't know if DJ AM ever put it down in written or recorded form, but I would bet my house (I'm not a betting man) that he wished he'd never ever took his first pill or first drink. Now when he took that first one and it gave him the rush he hoped for, he was only thinking 'good times' not future times. If the first experienced bummed him out, he may have walked away... but one thing is for absolute certain - take it to the bank - if he never ever started, he'd be alive today!

Are we really that pushed around by peer pressure and pop-culture that we can't see there is no up side to this crap? Put it down! Walk away! Help your friends do likewise!

Research finds many women need alcohol to enjoy sex

From: Herald Sun September 24, 2009

D.J. AM brought out the 'Gun' just one more time...

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Almost half of those questioned said they preferred sex while under the influence of alcohol because it helped them lose their inhibitions and be more adventurous.

Researchers, who surveyed 3000 women aged 18-50, found on average they slept with eight men, but were drunk with at least five, and on two occasions couldn't remember the man's name the next day.

Four out of 10 had been tipsy when sleeping with a partner for the first time.

The study found 75 per cent of women liked to drink before getting into bed with their husband or boyfriend, and 6 per cent had never had sex sober. More than half claimed drinking with a prospective partner was "part of the dating process" so were a bit drunk when they had sex

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Dalgarno Comment!

Wow! No, that's not a 'wow' of shock or surprise at the data, rather a WOW based on the amazement at what is under the veneer of the so called 'sophisticated and liberated culture'. Our organisation has been party to helping, amongst others, women discover that they are more than a mere 'sexual' or 'domestic' function. In fact, as an organisation, we have started with the premise that all human beings are 'Image bearers' have incredible, remarkable worth that goes way beyond the shallowness of our current 'if you look sexy you're worth something' culture. Hey, we get it, if all that you are immersed in tells you that if you 'aint' sexy and prepared to present 'sexual' you're behind the game. What is staggering is after 40 years of so called 'femme liberty' we are back to woman feeling undervalued as a relationship building partner because they believe their 'bodies' or 'sexual prowess' don't rate! Come on people, we are smarter than this, aren't we?


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"I knew my actions were wrong, but I convinced my self that normal rules don't apply to me. I never thought about who I was hurting, I was only thinking about myself. I ran straight through the boundaries that someone should live by, get away with whatever I wanted to...I felt I deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me; I felt I was entitled...thanks to the money and the fame I didn't have to go far to find them. I was wrong, I was foolish, I don't play by different rules, the same boundaries that apply to everyone, apply to me, I brought this shame upon myself!"

Tiger Woods

(The words of an addict or the words of a person who didn't believe in accountability or responsibility, at least until it cost him something he couldn't afford? The new definition of the word 'addict' is now wielded as an 'easy out' pass for people who refuse to acknowledge right and wrong and refuse to be accountable - the 'immoral'! Tiger, for 'right or wrong' motives (more values language) 'hit a wall' and realised his actions were destructive to him and others around him. This 'moral' revelation is the starting point for change! Without it, he would just continue to do as he pleased and believe he was 'entitled'. Are these words echoing the same sentiments the 'decriminalising lobby' use... "I'm entitled to do what drug I want, when I want and you must not 'judge' me!" We have to stop pretending the alcohol and other drug issue is not, at least inpart, a moral issue. Those who keep pretending or worse denying this fact have another agenda - and it's a very disturbing one!)

Paradise took you out and left the bill!"

the song: "Rivertown" the Band: Live

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